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Designing a Spacious Home Office

Home offices are notorious for being some of the smallest rooms in the home—usually because those are the only rooms that are available for conversion to an office. Even with limited square footage, however, you can design a spacious home office that is both functional and inspiring.

Check out this video for tips on maximizing the space in a tiny area. Learn how floor-to-ceiling shelves can transform the room, as well as how to choose colors that give the appearance of openness without being drab and boring.

All home offices need furniture, so when you're ready to buy furniture, come visit us at Home Consignment Center. We have some amazing deals on gently used and like new items to complete your new, spacious home office. Check out our website for a sampling of what we have to offer, or call (925) 272-0067 to learn more.

Decorating Your Bedroom with a Dark Wood Headboard

Whether you're going to buy furniture for your bedroom, or you're trying to work with what you have, designing a bedroom around a dark wood headboard can be both challenging and exciting. If you aren't careful, you can end up creating a gloomy space by going overboard with dark tones. On the other hand, creating just the right balance that coincides with your décor tastes can result in a truly delightful room that is perfect for its intended purpose. Here are a few tips.

Establish Your Style
If you're working with an existing headboard, you'll have to determine which range of decorating styles complements what you have. For example, it's difficult to create an ultra-modern room if you have a Victorian-style headboard, but a transitional theme is totally doable. If you're planning to buy furniture, think about the overall feel you'd like the room to have before you go shopping, and stick with that no matter how pretty something that doesn't match might be.

Choose a Palette
For modern styles, stark contrasts like black against white, or bold shades that make an impact are the way to go. Shabby chic, beachy, or rustic styles require more earthy, natural tones. Soft shades in the colors of your choice work well for transitional styles, while pastels and neutrals are excellent for conservative or traditional styles.

Select Your Accessories
You may want to buy furniture like lampstands or nightstands to complement your new room. Window treatments, accent rugs, lighting fixtures, and wall hangings are also elements to consider. Depending on your style, you can choose items that match your headboard perfectly, or you may decide to allow your headboard to be the focal point of the room and choose accents that are in lighter but complementary shades.

At Home Consignment Center, we offer a place for you to buy and sell furniture, jewelry, and other items to make your house a home. Come by and see us to find your next perfect piece, or to capitalize on items which are no longer meaningful or useful to you. You can also visit us online or call (925) 272-0067 for more information.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Furniture [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are considering redecorating your home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at first. With so many choices of design schemes, furniture styles, and colors, you may not know where to begin. As you embark on your decorating project, take a moment to think outside the box and consider creative ways you can use consignment furniture in your Bay Area home. You might normally consider only using a dresser in the bedroom, but you can also put it to work as a kitchen island with plenty of built-in storage. Even if you don’t have small children, a repurposed crib can work in your house as a unique bench or bookshelf with just a few tweaks. Check out this infographic from Home Consignment Center, your top choice for consignment furniture in the Bay Area, to learn more ways you can repurpose home furnishings. Please share with your friends and fellow decorating enthusiasts!


The Benefits of Creating a Home Office

Home offices can be wonderful additions to any home, particularly when you’re working from home more often than not, or if you’re trying to run an at-home business. For most people, the dining room table just won’t do. There are many benefits to creating and furnishing a home office—half the fun is in buying furniture and office supplies—and we’re going to share just a few with you today.


Sanity Savers
Working from home can be challenging if you don’t have a dedicated space. Friends and family tend to not recognize or respect that you are actually at work if you’re trying to do it on the couch in your pajamas. Creating a home office sets a physical boundary so that everyone knows when you’re at work and when you’re not. Moreover, you’ll find yourself being more productive when you have your own dedicated work space.

Money Savers
Your home office comes with multiple ways to save cash. From virtually eliminating your commuting, lunch, and wardrobe expenses to increasing the value of your home, you might be surprised at just how much of your paycheck you get to keep when you work from home. You don’t even have to call home to check on the family—just step into the next room!

Plus, home offices are tax deductible. When you buy furniture for your home office, it’s a tax write-off. The same is true of any equipment or supplies you need to perform your job out of your home office. You may even be able to deduct a portion of your home’s energy expenses, as well as part of your Internet expense, provided that you only use your home office for work.

If you’re ready to set up your own home office, visit us at Home Consignment Center to buy furniture and other great finds. You can also consign or sell your own gently used furniture if you’re looking to upgrade your room. Visit our website, drop by one of our locations, or simply give us a call at (925) 272-0067 for more information about how it works and what we have to offer.

Fitting a Guest Bedroom in Your Overall Home Design

Incorporating a guest bedroom into your home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, it can be a lot of fun to get creative in a room in a way that you might not have otherwise explored. For example, the guest room in this video was designed around two very unique lamps, and it took shape from there with a “green” theme.

As the video shows, you don’t have to make a guest bedroom bland and boring. With the right colors, accessories, and furnishings, it can be one of the most interesting rooms in your home. When you need to buy furniture to complete your guest bedroom, come shop with us at Home Consignment Center. We have the furniture you need to give your room the feeling of luxury, with amazing prices that don’t hurt your budget. Call (925) 272-0067 for more information.

Making Your Office an Extension of Your Home


If you are one of the millions of Americans who is fortunate enough to work out of the comfort of your own home, then it's important that you create a workspace for yourself that is both inspirational and in line with the rest of your home's décor. The key to making your home office an extension of your home is to buy furniture and other interiors that reflect the style and theme already present in the rest of the property. You can also make it feel just as cozy as the other rooms in the home by clearing up clutter and hiding electronics and other gadgets that can be distracting to the eye when not in use.

Be sure to also buy furniture that falls in line with the color scheme that you've established in other areas of the home. This will ensure that there is a solid flow throughout the home and that your office doesn't stick out in a negative way. The perfect place to find the furniture pieces you need to complete your home office is the Home Consignment Center. Discover how you can buy furniture, consign furniture, and sell furniture at any of our six Bay Area locations by calling (925) 272-0067. 

Beach Cottage Decor for a Living Room

Are you looking for inspiration for your upcoming living room remodeling project? If so, then be sure to check out this video from the design experts at HGTV, which draws from beautiful beach cottage décor to makeover an otherwise basic living room. Beach cottage décor is influenced by light colors and a feeling of comfortable elegance.

In order to create that comfortable yet classy vibe in your living room, it's essential that you include plenty of multifunctional furniture so you can maximize storage and eliminate clutter. Choose furnishings that feature interesting details and rich textures so visitors to your house will be instantly drawn to the space and all that it has to offer.

If you're looking for the right furniture to spice up your living room or any other room in the home, then come to the Home Consignment Center today. To find your nearest Bay Area location, call (925) 272-0067. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Headboard

The right headboard has the power to transform the look of your bedroom and to instantly heighten its level of sophistication and elegance. But as is the case when you buy furniture for any room in the house, it's important that you consider appearance as well as function when shopping for pieces for your sleeping space. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when selecting a headboard. 


The first thing to consider when it comes to selecting a headboard is how much space it should take up behind the bed. The headboard should be in proportion to not only the mattress and the frame of the bed below but also the wall behind it and surrounding furniture. If your ceilings are high in the bedroom, then don't be afraid to buy furniture, such as a headboard, that is slightly on the taller side in order to maximize your space.

Today's headboards are far more multifunctional than the headboards of yesteryear. If you lack storage space in your bedroom or in your home in general, then consider looking for a headboard that offers shelving or even hidden storage compartments. If your bed is located in the center of the bedroom, then you can also use the headboard as a basic room divider to create separate zones in an elegant fashion.

The final consideration to make before you buy furniture such as a headboard is style. What type of décor would you like to showcase in your space? Headboards can serve as an excellent focal point in a bedroom and should therefore reflect the general style theme you are trying to establish. Use variations in color, texture, and material to play up style preferences and add character to the space.

Here at the Home Consignment Center, we offer a large selection of beautiful bedroom furniture for our Bay Area customers to choose from. Since we buy and consign furniture each day, you never know what unique pieces you might find during a trip to one of our six locations. To find a store near you, call us today at ((925) 272-0067. 

How to Spruce Up Your Guest Bedroom

Instead of treating your spare bedroom as a storage space, why not transform it into a vibrant guest bedroom that adds character to your home? As you can see in this video, sprucing up a guest bedroom doesn't have to break the bank and can in fact be a fun and rewarding process. To begin making over your guest bedroom, create a focal point by installing a vibrant headboard or painting an accent wall with a bold shade of paint.

Once you have established a focal point, consider changing out the linens and replacing outdated blankets with crisp white or beige blankets that are counter the boldness of your headboard and wall colors. If you're feeling especially creative, consider creating a faux canopy or hang some personalized art so guests will feel as though they are overnighting in a luxury hotel.

You can find all of the furniture and accessories you need to transform your guest bedroom right here at the Home Consignment Center. Discover what's waiting for you at each of our six locations by visiting us online or calling (925) 272-0067. 

Creating a Traditional, Yet Modern Room

One of the hottest trends sweeping through the world of interior design these days is the combination of older, traditional furnishings with more contemporary pieces. As you can see in this video, a simple way to embrace this design style is to use classic furniture as the base and then accessorize with modern and abstract art, mirrors, and other extras. For example, two cozy, traditional armchairs in neutral colors such as cream or white can be given a modern boost with the help of bold pillows and statement lighting fixtures.

Another easy and effective way to blend the old with the new is to vary your indoor color palette. Don't be afraid to combine colors in a quirky manner, by offsetting traditional wooden floors and tables with exciting accent pieces like lime green artwork and cranberry window treatments.

If you're looking for the perfect place to find beautiful furniture at a great price, then come visit the Home Consignment Center today. To find your nearest location, give us a call at (925) 272-0067. 

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