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    Combining Contemporary and Rustic Living Room Styles

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Sometimes combining two different decorating styles gives you the chance to create a truly special décor in your own home. This video from HGTV shows you how different styles like rustic and contemporary can come together to create something magical.

    Do not be afraid to mix and match pieces from different decorating styles in your own home décor. When you allow yourself to shop for pieces that catch your eye, you will not limit your decorating possibilities.

    Whether you are decorating a new home from scratch or want to transform a room in your current décor, Home Consignment Center can help. Come to one of our Bay Area locations to start shopping for pieces that help you become a decorator in your own home. To learn more about our selection, visit us online or call (925) 272-0067. 

    Choosing Chairs for Your Dining Room

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Add comfort and style to your dining room design with a new set of chairs that makes it easy to entertain. Dining room furniture is an important decorating tool that can create a certain atmosphere in the space. Use the following tips to choose the right kind of chairs for your dining room:

    Shop for Comfort

    Above anything else, your dining room chairs should be comfortable enough for you, your family, and any guests that you plan to entertain. As you browse through the furniture store, take the time to sit down in any dining room chairs you are thinking of buying. The chair should give you plenty of support and also provide a comfortable foundation for all of your future meals. 

    Find Your Style

    Use your dining room chairs to add serious style to your room’s design. Pay attention to the shape of the chair backs and the color and patterns on the fabric. Think about the chairs in the relation to your table so you can create a cohesive décor that brings the entire room together into a comfortable and welcoming space.

    Think About Mixing and Matching

    When choosing dining room chairs, you should not feel confined to just one style. Sometimes the best looks come together with a variety of chairs that all work with your dining room table. Using a few different chairs gives you access to a whole new décor potential that helps you create a truly unique interior design.

    If you are in the market to buy furniture but do not want to bend your budget to do it, Home Consignment Center is the store for you. With five locations through the Bay Area, we make it easy to find what you need to enhance your décor with style and function. Call (925) 272-0067 or visit us online to learn more about our services. 

    What Colors Should You Use in Your Living Room?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    The colors you choose for your living room can change the entire look and feel of your living room design. If you are looking for a new interior design, use the following tips to figure out the right color palette for your space:

    Look to patterns on your furniture and accessories for color ideas and choose a huge from the biggest pattern in your home. Decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create for the space and choose colors that work with it. You can also base your color choice off the architecture of your home to highlight certain features of the space.

    No matter what colors you choose for your living room, Home Consignment Center has furniture and accessories that can open up your design possibilities. With five locations throughout the Bay Area, we give you the choice you need to find exactly what you want. Call (925) 272-0067 to learn more. 

    Add Personality to Your Living Room with Coffee Table Décor!

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Once you find your ideal coffee table, take the time to enhance it with decorative pieces that help you personalize your interior design. Keep reading for some decorating ideas that help you get a unique appeal for your living room design:

    Decorative Bowls

    Decorative bowls are the perfect accessory for a coffee table because they are stylish and add function to the coffee table design. You can use them to put out some potpourri, some aesthetically appealing stones, or even some candy for your guests. Choose a few bowls of different sizes to create an interesting visual effect for your table.

    Stylish Candlesticks

    Candles are a beautiful addition to a coffee table. There is a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes from which to choose for your room décor. Decorate your table with candlesticks that look as beautiful unlit as they do lit. You can also illuminate the candles when you want to create a certain mood in the living room.

    Interesting Artwork

    Statues and sculptures are also great accessory choices for your coffee table design. You can choose simple pieces or elaborate art options that add depth and texture to the room’s design. Choosing artwork is one of the best ways to add your own personality to your décor.

    Beautiful Trays

    Trays can also add a lot to your coffee table design. Buy a few different sizes and layer them on top of the table to create an interesting visual base for some of your other decorative features.

    Come to Home Consignment Center to buy furniture and accessories that can enhance every room of your home. With our selection, you can choose pieces that optimize the visual appeal of your interior design. We also consign furniture and jewelry. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (925) 272-0067.

    Must-Haves for Your Coffee Table

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Add a little something more to your coffee table design with decorative accessories that add style and function. From attractive boxes to interesting bowls, these accessories can bring a whole new level of style to your room’s design.

    Check out this video to find out how accessories like these can greatly enhance your interior design. With a few simple additions, you can change the look and feel of your entire space.

    Come to one of Home Consignment Center’s five Bay Area locations to buy furniture and accessories for every room of your home. We make it easy to shop for pieces that help you personalize your space. To learn more, call (925) 272-0067

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