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Fun Jewelry Storage Ideas

Have you recently purchased beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of estate jewelry in the Bay Area? Whether you’re the proud new owner of diamond studs or a strand of pearls, be sure to store them some place in the home that is not only secure, but also easy to reach. As the storage solution expert in this video shares, creating your own jewelry storage solution doesn’t have to be hard.

One easy way to showcase your new items is to create a display rack using a corkboard, fabric, and pushpins. An even quicker and more elegant solution is to utilize an already existing furniture piece, like a lampshade or hat stand, to display your items.

The helpful and knowledgeable staff at Home Consignment Center’s consignment furniture stores can help you create effective solutions to your storage problems. Call us at (888) 854-4554 to learn more about the furniture, accessories, and jewelry that we carry.

Newlywed Shopping List

Tying the knot is one of the most exciting and life-changing events that a couple will experience together. If you are one half of a happy couple who will soon be saying, “I do,” now is a great time to consider what essential items you will need to look for at your home consignment store in the Bay Area in order to start the next chapter in your life. Take a look at this helpful newlywed shopping list to get started.

A Cozy Bed to Rest Your Heads consignment furniture danville
One item that simply should not be overlooked when shopping as newlyweds at a furniture store is a bed that both partners can rest comfortably on throughout the night. Be sure to consider each person’s size when shopping for a quality bedframe from your home consignment store and make sure that accessories, such as individual nightstands for each person’s books or personal items, will fit around the bed.

Storage for Two
Another must-have piece to look for at a consignment furniture boutique is a dresser or armoire that is spacious enough for two wardrobes. If you or your partner has a considerable amount of clothing or if you both have bulky items like coats, eliminate future disagreements early on by buying individual storage pieces from a furniture consignment store.

Accessories that Fit Everyone’s Taste
Now that you have adequately covered storage and sleeping needs, don’t forget to add some spice and character to your new space together with the help of accessories from a furniture outlet. If you have differing styles, compromise by allowing one person to choose lamps, pillows, or another category while the other selects rugs, vases, or dishware.

At each Home Consignment Center location, we’re happy to help newlyweds furnish their first home together with our unique Wish List Program. As a newlywed, you can go into any of our consignment furniture stores and make a wish list that our friendly store clerks will keep on file. Your loved ones can visit your chosen location and buy any item off your wish list. To learn more about this service, call us at (888) 854-4554.

How to Prepare Furniture for Consignment

Are you getting ready to redecorate your home’s interior, or possibly even preparing to move to a new home? Whatever your reason is for cleaning out the house and getting rid of unwanted furniture, your local consignment furniture store near the Bay Area is a great place to sell those items in a simple and fair way. Continue reading for a look at how you can prepare your furniture for the consignment process.

Check for Any Signs of Damage consignment furniture danville
In order to consign at a furniture store, you need to make sure that each piece is in good condition and of value to a potential customer in the future. Check wooden pieces, like dressers or coffee tables, for damage and make sure that textiles, such as rugs, don’t feature stains or snags. Instead of consigning items that are damaged, clean them thoroughly and donate them.

Carefully Clean Each Item
It can be difficult to clean certain items that are highly sought after at used furniture stores, such as Persian rugs and leather sofas. Consult a reliable cleaning guide or even invest in having the item professionally cleaned if it might be financially beneficial in the long run to do so. Don’t forget to empty drawers and remove any personal items from pieces before delivering them to the furniture store.

Address Lingering Odors
Another important consideration to make before bringing your items into a consignment jewelry and furniture store is odor or strong scents. Whether it is your perfume that makes a certain item smell or cigarette smoke, those smells need to be eliminated in order for the piece to be consigned. Air items out, wash them accordingly, and treat them carefully to neutralize lingering odors.

Once all of your items are ready to be consigned, bring them to your closest Home Consignment Center. We specialize in buying and selling used furniture, estate jewelry, and other unique items. Call us today at (888) 854-4554 to learn more about consignment in the Bay Area.

Tips for Your Guest Bedroom

Are you preparing for an upcoming visit from a friend or loved one to your home? If so, now is the perfect time to go shopping for used furniture in the Bay Area and to make sure that your guest bedroom is one that your guest will simply love retreating to at the end of the day. Some must-follow tips for creating a comfortable guest bedroom include offering plenty of storage space, decorating in a muted color palette, and featuring accessories throughout the space.

As the experts in this design video share, the goal when decorating a guest bedroom is to make the space feel like it is the guests’ very own space. Little touches like tissues, bottled water, and a scented candle will remind guests that they are welcome and appreciated in your home.

The helpful professionals at each Home Design Center can make sure that your guest bedroom is furnished with all of the essentials, from furniture to accessories. Call us at (888) 854-4554 to learn more about buying from or consigning with us.

Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

When it comes to creating effective storage solutions in the home, items that can be particularly tough to organize include rings, necklaces, and other styles of jewelry. A great resource for tracking down furniture and accessories that will assist you in storing your treasured baubles is your local used furniture store near the Bay Area. Take a look at the suggestions below to discover creative ways to store jewelry in your home:

Give a Coat Rack a New Life Consignment Jewelry Danville
As far as trends go, one of the biggest these days is to show off all of the consignment jewelry that you own instead of hiding it. One simple way to do this is to string necklaces of all lengths, colors, and styles on a display piece, such as a coat rack from your favorite used furniture store. Select this item in a color that is neutral so your jewelry can take center stage.

Tuck Your Diamonds Away in a Chic Armoire
If your design style is more clean and orderly, try using a beautiful armoire to house your consignment jewelry finds. Since most armoires available at consignment furniture stores contain numerous drawers, you can easily sort items by type, making it quick and easy to grab the perfect set of studs or just the right watch before heading out the door.

Utilize Frames, Hooks, and Other Accessories
Just as a coat rack can offer a unique solution to your jewelry storage woes, so too can wall hooks and deep picture frames. The advantage that these home accessories present over a coat rack is that they take up very little space. Your home consignment store is a great place to find frames and hooks that are designed in a style that matches your particular taste.

If you’re ready to reduce the clutter in your home, be sure to find out how Home Consignment Center can assist you in getting organized. We carry a wide selection of beautiful and practical pieces that can be used to not only store your accessories, but also to enhance the look of your home. Call us at (888) 854-4554 to learn more about our consignment furniture stores.

Always Be Ready for Guests with an Inviting Guest Bedroom!

If you have a spare room in your home that could use a specific purpose or function, why not turn it into a home away from home for future out-of-town guests? With the right pieces from your favorite furniture consignment store in the Bay Area, you can breathe new life into this space and better define its role in the home. Here is a guide to creating an inviting guest bedroom.

Keep the Color Palette Neutral and Warm
Before heading into the consignment furniture store to look for the right pieces for the guest room, consider your color palette. Soft and inviting colors like earth tones and shades of white and gray are soothing and conducive to relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Provide hints of color sporadically with help from accent pillows or decorative vases with fresh flowers.

Make Comfort a Priority Consignment Store in Danville
One way to make sure that your guests truly enjoy their stay in your home is to make the space comfortable. Select items at the furniture outlet that will accommodate two people, add accessories like rugs to bring warmth to the space, and place a television or small library in the room so your guests can unwind after a long day of visiting or sightseeing.

Invest in Great Storage Pieces
Lastly, browse the furniture store and select consignment furniture items that make it easy for guests to stay organized. For example, a large armoire can house not only extra linens and towels, but also guests’ clothing and personal items. No one wants to live out of a suitcase, and a few strategic pieces of used furniture can keep that from becoming your guests’ reality.

Now that you know what items you need to create a welcoming guest room in your home, be sure to visit your nearest Home Consignment Center. Each of our Bay Area furniture consignment stores offers beautiful and affordable items that match a variety of interior design styles. To learn more about the items we carry, call us at (888) 854-4554.

Need a New Lamp? Consider These Factors!

Consignment Furniture Store DanvilleLighting plays a huge role in establishing a particular mood and a feeling of comfort in a space. If you’re looking for just the right lighting elements to add to your home, be sure to make a few important considerations before purchasing lamps from consignment furniture stores near the Bay Area. The first consideration is location, which will dictate both the size of a lamp and its lighting capacity. Opt for smaller tableside lamps for bedrooms and consider larger, more powerful floor lamps for offices, living rooms, and kitchens. The last consideration to make before browsing a furniture outlet for a lamp is the décor style that you would like. Remember that the lamp base is the most important element to focus on since lampshades can be easily swapped.

No matter what style of lamp you are looking for, you are sure to find it at a Home Consignment Center location. Learn more about our consignment furniture stores near the Bay Area by calling (888) 854-4554.

Personalizing Used Furniture

If you're looking to furnish your house or apartment on a budget, going with used furniture can save you plenty of money. When shopping at a furniture store in the Bay Area, however, you'll find that pieces vary greatly in style. If you find a piece that has the overall style you're looking for, but is missing that unique touch, consider the following tips for personalizing it.

Split and Transform
If, for example, you find a great hutch that doesn't quite match the current style of your home, there are a few steps you can take to update its look. Painting the hutch would be one option, but you could actually get multiple uses from it by splitting it in two. Separate the top half, paint it, attach a board to the bottom, and hang the piece in your laundry room or garage for shelf space. Meanwhile, the bottom cabinet of the hutch could be painted to match your living room and used as a stand for your television and DVD player.

Reinvent and Reupholster
Used Furniture in Bay Area When browsing used furniture stores, you might find a set of chairs with great frames, but upholstery you do not like. To revitalize the chairs, find a patterned fabric that's reflective of your living quarters. With the old fabric off, paint or coat the frames, apply a fitted-layer of foam to the seats and backs with adhesive, and then apply Dacron over the foam layers to soften the surfaces. For the finishing touches, cut pieces of the new fabric and staple them to the frame along the edges of the foam. With a hot glue gun, apply decorative ribbon over the ends of the fabric to cover the staples.

Are you ready to begin your search for high-quality used furniture? In the Bay Area, Home Consignment Center is one of the leading used furniture stores. To learn more about our consignment furniture pieces, call us at (888) 854-4554.

Funky Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Even if you have a small living space, you don't have to limit your style. Before you head to your local furniture store in the Bay Area, take a few minutes to determine what kind of style you want to have in your home. This video provides a few tips to help you give your home a funky design style.

Choose a bold accent color for your home. To make the space particularly unique, consider using chalkboard paint in that color on one wall, which will allow you to add a personal touch that you can change on a regular basis.

For Bay Area studio dwellers, Home Consignment Center is a leading source for used furniture. Contact us today at (888) 854-4554 to ask about our deals on used furniture and consignment items.

Home Consignment Center's Wish List Program

The search for used furniture and vintage jewelry in the Bay Area is easier than ever with the Wish List Program at Home Consignment Center. Just visit one of our Bay Area locations, fill out a list of consignment furniture and jewelry that strikes your fancy, and share that list with your friends and relatives. When a matching item arrives at one of our local stores, you and everyone on your list will be notified.

Home Consignment Center Wish List Program By opting for consignment jewelry and furnishings, you can get high-quality pieces at lower prices than you would shopping for similar items in a traditional retail store. For loved ones, a wish list takes all of the guesswork out of buying gifts, because they'll know exactly what you want and where to get it when it's available.

When there's a bun in the oven, the most economical way to fill a nursery room is with used furniture. From cradles to high chairs, the items you place on your Home Consignment Center Wish List could arrive as gifts on the day you hold your baby shower.

Some of the best quality—and most expensive—furniture on the market is of the wooden variety. You can experience great savings on a high-quality wooden piece when you buy it at a used furniture store. Whether you're looking for a solid oak table or a desk made of exotic wood for your home office, you can place it on your Home Consignment Center Wish List and get the piece you want at a great price when it's available.

Vintage and estate jewelry items can often be hard to find. There may be a rare style of necklace, bracelet, or earring design that you've had on your personal wish list for years. Home Consignment Center now makes it far easier to track such items down when they do appear at one of our locations.

At Home Consignment Center, we make our Wish List Program available to anyone who comes into one of our locations to fill out the form. To learn more about the program and how it can help you find consignment furniture and used jewelry, call us today at (888) 854-4554.

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